Our mission: reduce
the burden of lung cancer.

We offer a completely standardized and scalable solution for effective and successful implementation of lung cancer screening. More specifically: we do not only offer A-to-Z guidance for the lung cancer screening implementation process itself. We are also on the frontline of research conducted in this area of expertise and offer educational solutions for nodule management as well. Partners are provided with newly developed software solutions, such as our iDNA Management System and E-learning tools for Radiologists.

Research and Development

After 20 years of research, the NELSON protocol has delivered on its promise to detect lung cancer in an early stage, reducing lung cancer associated mortality. However, more research is needed to better understand the differences between continents, countries, regions, genders, (non)smokers and the potential of biomarkers. Our experts are researching multiple updated versions of the NELSON screening protocol, expanding the low dose CT scan to simultaneously detect cardiovascular diseases and COPD. At iDNA, we combine the implementation of screening programs with high-quality research to further optimize early detection of diseases. In this way, you will simultaneously provide your organization with access to a worldwide infrastructure of global partnerships and the possibility to participate in innovative global clinical trials.

Training and Education

We provide accredited training to ensure a quality-assured way of detecting lung nodules, for example through our unique online training tool that encompasses 49 practical cases. Our experts also provide on-site training and workshops to governments, decision makers, Radiologists and Oncologists, to better understand the opportunities and challenges of implementing a lung cancer screening program.


Various countries are at the forefront of implementing lung cancer screening programs. Our package covers all aspects of implementation and infrastructure, that includes a turn-key screening programme including our iDNA Management Software, state-of-the-art scanning facilities in collaboration with an established imaging vendor, tailor-made training tools for Radiologists and blueprints for high quality diagnostic and treatment centres. We can create an implementation plan according to your needs, and build a business case for decision makers. Our strategic partner for health effectiveness models is ASC Academics (https://www.ascacademics.com/), a global market access and health economics consultancy.


iDNA, the Institute for DiagNostic Accuracy, is the premier organization supporting successful and effective implementation of lung cancer screening. iDNA was launched by members of the NELSON group and is backed by numerous scientific experts and business leaders. We are established in the Netherlands, where the NELSON protocol was developed. Our mission is to reduce the burden of lung cancer by assisting health care organizations and governments in successfully and effectively implementing the NELSON protocol.

iDNA diagnostic game-changer


We would be honoured to support you in setting up a lung cancer screening programme in your country, region or hospital. Please enter your request on the right, or send a direct email to info@i-DNA.org if you have any questions.